Our Team

The Windsor Oaks Team members are incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about consistently producing winegrapes to meet the high standards of Buyers as well as developing and maintaining the Estate. From Vineyards management, operations, grape and bulk wine marketing, customer service, construction activities, our staff is dedicated to producing world class winegrapess and creating unforgettable wine country experiences for the guests on the Estate. 

Vineyard and Estate

John Calmeyer, General Manager

Douglas Lumgair, Estate General Manager: Almost 25 years ago Doug laid the infrastructure that keeps the Estate and Vineyards functioning at their best. From the day Mr Stein pruchased the property, Doug's vision for Windsor Oaks Vineyards and Winery was key in getting everything started. Today he came feel pride in the development. He is the essential element that keeps it all running effectively. In his time off he enjoys hiking on the Estate and flying his plane with his true love, Julie Hagler Lumgair. 

Ralph Hoag, Manager of Grape and Bulk Wine Sales:

Ralph Hoag, Manager of Grape and Bulk Wine Sales: Ralph was determined to learn the wine industry from the ground up by schooling and working in the vineyards and cellars of California’s North Coast. Based on his skill, integrity and dedication, Ralph stepped into his current role after being hired as an intern in 2011. Quiet and hardworking while in the office, he'll happily talk grapes and wine with you any time.

[Daniel Chalres, Viticulturist]

Daniel Charles, Viticulturist: Daniel is known for his known. He has the experience and ability to produce the highest quality grapes. Daniel is a prime mover of vineyard tasks and resoucres for Buyers about the Vineyards conditions, sustainable farm practices, and expectations. He has more than 10 years of vineyard experience to call upon, including a family vineyard.

Bret Anderson, Vineyard, Estate Construction and Maintenance Specialist Bret Anderson, Vineyard, Estate Construction and Maintenance Specialist: Throw anything at Bret and he’ll tackle it head on with a smile. University of Davis graduate who worked in some of the best known Sonoma and Napa wineries. His management of construction project fit right in with the development of the Estate. He is a key member of the Vineyards Team. Bret does it all.
Guadalupe Ruiz, Vineyard Foreman

Guadalupe Ruiz, Vineyard Foreman:  After living on the Estate and working in the vineyards for over 38 years, Lupe knows this place better than anyone. Season by season he guides his crew in the cultivation of some of the County’s highest quality grapes. He leads by example and there’s no one we’ve seen who can match his speed, efficiency and precision in the vineyard. Lupe lives on the property with his wife and several cats. 


Trish Moyer, Bookkeeper



Trish Moyer, Bookkeeper: From some seriously complicated accounting to coordinating wholesale orders, Trish stays very busy. Lucky for everyone, though, she’s very organized and does a great job staying on top of it all. A proud mother, Trish knows her biggest accomplishment is raising her sons Josh and Ryan to be the wonderful, kind and amazing young men that they are.