Foundational to the vision of Windsor Oaks Vineyards is the protection and preservation of all 710 acres of the Estate. Owners Bob and Renee Stein reinforced their dedication to that vision in 1998 when they made an agreement with the Sonoma County Open Space District to leave 350 acres of the property untouched. For them, the decision came to confirming not to farm or develop hundreds of acres and favoring instead the preservation of the natural habitat for the extensive plant and animal wildlife population. This land designated as ‘Forever Wild’ is protected in perpetuity.

Over 200 acres of vineyards, the centerpiece of the Estate, were planted with the conscious intent to achieve sound viticultural practices. For many years, Windsor Oaks Vineyards has incorprprated sustainabliity methods in its farming. In 2014 Windsor Oaks Vineyards sought and received a Certified Sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. Having already employed Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices throughout the Vineyards, the on-going certifcation process affords Windsor Oaks Vineyards the opportunity to build on our pre-existing program of environmentally-friendly winegrowing. The certification, based on a comprehensive audit of the estate, mandates annual assessments and continual improvement to maintain the privilege of accreditation. Categories in the Certification assessment include vineyard health, habitat conservation, water use, resource management, continuing education, philanthropic endeavors and other criteria.

Sonoma County Sustainable Windsor Oaks is a member of Certified Sustainable Winegrowing Allaince