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Welcome to Windsor Oaks Vineyards

Windsor Oaks Vineyards takes pride in producing consistent quality winegrapes for making ultra-premium and luxury wines. Our estate Vineyards are within three of California's best known appellations or American Viticulturial Areas (AVA) for sourcing fine winegrapes:  Russian River Valley, Sonoma Coast and Chalk Hill. The property is in Sonoma County, just south of Healdsburg in Windsor, CA. The Windsor Oaks Vineyards overlook the Russian River Valley to the West as well as the Alexander Valley and the Mayacamas Mountains to the East. Our 710-acre Estate contains many diverse micro-climates, including numerous soil and slope combinations. Our grapes develop attributes derived from clone/rootstock dufferences and our viticurltural practices as well as the characteristics of these distinct terroirs. 

Approximately 350 acres are dedicated to "Forever Wild Open Space". The Vineyards of 210 acres are planted with sixteen different varieties of grapes. The result is a long-standing tradition of growing grapes to the standards of winemakers for top-tier wineries that in turn produce highly rated and awarded wines. Among the wineries sourcing grapes from Windsor Oaks Vineyards are our sister operations, Balverne Wines and Notre Vue Estate

Rare Estate Vineyards

Windsor Oaks Vineyards has world-class viticultural potential for producing outstanding winegrape characteristics from low yielding soils. The property is large allowing for block spacing in varying terroirs that contribute to developing different grape attributes. Windsor Oaks Vineyards are the cumulation of viticultural and winemaking experts who worked together over many years, sparing no expense, for a common propose of creating Vineyards producing the finest quality fruit. The ownership and management of Windsor Oaks Vineyards has focused and invested in quality of grapes available for sourcing.

The mixture of carefully planted Vineyards in combined the significant 'Forever Wild' acreage of beautiful ancient oak trees and wilderness creates an inspirational environment. Panoramic views of Windsor Oaks Vineyards and the surrounding wine country contributes the attractiveness.  

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